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Butter Classic Adult T-Shirt- shipped from the UK


Fresh stock - Sizes 3XL, 4XL, 5XL 🔥

Show your support for the boys with this t-shirt designed as a tribute to this amazing new single! The visuals already send the message of a smooth, brighter, happier future and this is the message we want to help the boys spread and celebrate with this piece.

This t-shirt gives you a gentle layer of insulation which is perfect for the cooler fall/autumn days. With an insulating layer made from a premium-quality cotton blend, you get a soft, comfortable, cosy feel without overheating. 

Why you will love this t-shirt:

 ✅ Feel amazing by identifying with, and representing a very special group of boys who are committed to bringing positivity in a dark, broken world through music. 

 ✅ Plus sizes, no problem: End your struggles to find plus-sized merch. This hoodie is specifically created in US/EU sizing because you are important, whatever your size is. With a wide range of sizes from S to 4XL, you are not excluded. 


 ✅ Durable: Double-stitched to prevent fraying, and ensures that it survives many, many washes without tearing.

 ✅ Anti-fade: High-quality anti-fade print that lasts as long as you keep stanning :-)

 ✅ No shrinkage: Preshrunk to ensure that it doesn't shrink in the wash

 ✅ Quick shipping: Faster shipping times from London

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IRELAND 5 - 7 days
CANADA 7 - 11 days
UNITED STATES 5 - 8 days
AUSTRALIA 8 - 14 days
EUROPE 4 - 6 days
REST OF THE WORLD 8 - 18 days

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