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Jimin Filter Peformance Bath Towel

If you saw Jimin's legendary "Filter" performance during the ON:E concert, you would recognise the depth of the message that Jimin so beautifully conveyed through his performance. 

In a nutshell, Jimin so gracefully spoke to stereotypes and the importance of being yourself in a world that is neither black nor white. This message really resonated and our Army artist spent weeks trying to capture the essence of this message exactly at the point where Jimin did away with all the gender stereotypes as represented by his white and black outfits...

...transformed himself in a matter of milliseconds, choosing to represent himself in a beautiful burgundy 

...and then proceeded to kill the show. 


It is easy to tell that a lot of thought and work went into the short performance, as recreating just one scene has taken weeks! 

How can you use Jimin's Filter experience to motivate yourself?

This exact timing in the performance was chosen and recreated because it represented a lot of things:

BOLDNESS. This towel is a visual reminder for you to remember to boldly let go of your past and speak up for yourself the same way that he was bold enough to represent himself exactly how he wanted. 

SELF-ACCEPTANCE. Let this remind you to accept yourself just as you are the same way that he accepted himself and no longer tried to conform to the standards he was expected to conform to. 

BE THE BEST. Be reminded to give the day your best shot, just as our man Jimin proceeded to deliver the best performance of the event. 

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