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March 07, 2019 1 min read

How to ensure you get BTS tickets when they go on Sale

One of our customers recently complained about missing out on the 1st June BTS concert tickets. She woke up too late to join the virtual queue, and by noon some idiot has put the tickets up for sale at £300.

As you probably already know, BTS has extended their Wembley concert dates to now include Sunday, 2nd of June, so if you had a similar experience, listen up. Tickets go on sale at 8.30am on Friday 8th March, so if you missed out the first time around, I have created this guide to help you prepare and optimise your chance of getting a ticket this time. Nothing should stop you from witnessing the event this time round, so here's how to better your chances of getting a ticket before they sell out. 


  • Pre-register on (Wembley's official ticket site) and
  • As a backup, download the mobile apps for both sites to your phone as well


  • Set your alarm for 7.30am tomorrow morning. You want to wake up READY.
  • Ensure your wi-fi is on point. If it isn't head to your nearest coffee shop with wifi or anywhere else with reliable wifi

8.00am Friday 8th June

  • Sign into multiple devices if possible (ticketmaster on a laptop, thefa on your ipad, mobile app etc)
  • Get your payment card ready
  • 8.25am start refreshing
  • If you are in a queue, do not refresh, otherwise you may lose your place in the queue
  • Get that ticket!

Let the ultimate search begin. May the odds forever be in your favour!


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