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Free Shipping Policy

We offer free shipping on all our paid items. 

If an item is free, however, a shipping charge of between $4.95 and $14.95 will be applied to your order, depending on where you are located. 

This is because shipping costs money.

The postman who brings items to your house needs to be paid for his or her service so they charge us money (if you are a postman or you have a parent who is a postman, you would probably appreciate this more!). For all of our paid items, we can absorb the charge in the cost of the item and not charge our customers extra. 

However, when the item is free we cannot absorb the charges because there is no money collected to absorb it into.

Therefore, we have to ask that the customer pays the small shipping fee to receive the item. 

Hope this explains our free shipping policy. If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us:

We are always happy to help.