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About Us

HelloSouthKorea started in the spring of 2018 with a group of multi-cultural, die-hard, K-pop multifandom who shared limited access to the merch we wanted because of where we lived. Because we were outliers in our circles, we knew that we would need to work harder than our mainstream-music-loving counterparts to get what we wanted. 

Our solution to this was to come together, group buy K-pop merch, save money... and pretty soon we know all the best vendors to group buy from.  This worked so well for us that we decided to establish an online community to help other K-pop fans get better access to merch.

With time, and as the world generally got more unstable we found that our customers were less comfortable with long-distance shipping so we decided to offer customers faster product dispatch and shipping times across as many products as possible.

Our aim is to bring great merch closer to k-pop stans, at sustainable prices because we believe every stan should be able to wear their love for K-pop, regardless of where they are.

To achieve this, we make sure that our products are made from the best quality material - no cheap cut-offs will do. We also aim to serve each customer in a friendly way, with a stress-free refund policy.

Whether you are a new fan or a seasoned stan, we are here to bring you closer to what you love; after all, we are just like you – we love k-pop.