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May 15, 2023 2 min read

Which part of the concert that excite you the most? Meeting the idols? Or maybe enjoying the music and dance?  Whatever part is it, I believe that the outfit of the day, plays an important part for us to enjoy the concert for the  fullest.

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There are 3 kind of fans characteristic who come to the concert : 

  1. The Have Fun Ones  

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These fans usually come with simple outfit with the idols identity, comfortable shoes and useable bags. They  come to enjoy the experiences and concert ambience.

With t-shirt, you can mix and match it with accessories, jacket,  cardigan or other kind of outers. It’s also make us easier to move and dance. 

P.S. : Check the fandom if we have colour theme outfit for the  day. Usually fans are organizing colour theme outfits for fans’  uniforms. 

Find your best Kpop Tee here : 

  1. The Stylish Ones  

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These fans usually the ones who appears very stylish or even some are following their idols’ style

These fans are usually fully completed with accessories. Find your best accessories here :


  1. The Scene Stealer Ones 

(Credit : gown-to-exo-s-2nd-night-in-manila-her-friend-came-as-belle/story/)

 These fans come to the concert with big efforts to be noticed by their idols. As example, some Lil Freaks (Key’s fans), come to the concert as Boksil. Or maybe an ExoL comes to the concert with wedding dress. They event  come in full costume from head to toe.


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So, which kind of fans are you? Share your kpop concert experiences in the comment section. Don’t forget to check out for more high quality Kpop merch.  Lets bring more love to Kpop. 



Asraful Shohag
Asraful Shohag

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