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Blackpink Gradient Unisex Hoodie Self-love Spring

The service was very fast n now they have larger sizes for us big kpop fans. I am a huge BTS fan n I cannot wait to wear my sweatshirt in the fall n winter. Would reccomend n will use again"
Pam ✅  Verified Buyer


This piece, specifically for Blackpink fans, is designed to uplift and empower fans this spring. From stylish graphic tees and hoodies to trendy accessories, our self-love spring line lets you express your love for Blackpink while embracing self-confidence and positivity.

Blackpink Unisex Hoodie - black

Why you will 💜 this hoodie

✅ Made with a unique fleece-like cotton interior that feels like a soft hug.

✅ No animal cruelty involved in the making of this hoodie. 

✅ High-definition print and vibrant colors which do not fade in the wash.

✅ Preshrunk fabric so doesn't shrink in the wash

✅ Unisex fit - perfect for all genders

✅ Made of 5% recycled plastic

    Men's Hoodie
    normal fit
    A B C
    S 26.5 inch 20 inch 23.98 inch
    M 27.48 inch 21.97 inch 24.29 inch
    L 28.46 inch 23.98 inch 24.37 inch
    XL 29.49 inch 25.98 inch 24.76 inch
    2XL 30 inch 27.95 inch 25 inch
    3XL 30.51 inch 30 inch 25.91 inch
    4XL 30.98 inch 31.97 inch 25.98 inch
    5XL 31.97 inch 33.98 inch 26.5 inch