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BTS Army Military Premium Hoodie


If you're feeling the absence of BTS members' military service deployment, this hoodie is for you. No, it won't bring you any updates from them, but we designed it to help remind Armies that we're with them all the way - no matter where we go. 

We're part of the crew as well, and we have a role to play to remind ourselves and encourage other Armies to stay strong and remain comforted in the waiting period. 

Here's why you will love this hoodie:

✅ Double-reinforced ribbed cuffs and waist hem so it doesn't fray

✅ High-definition colours that don't fade in the wash

✅ Soft and gentle on the skin 

✅ Processed in the USA

    Men’s Premium Hoodie
    normal fit
    A B C
    S 27.48 inch 20.98 inch 23.98 inch
    M 28.98 inch 21.97 inch 25 inch
    L 29.49 inch 23.46 inch 25.47 inch
    XL 30.47 inch 24.8 inch 26.5 inch
    2XL 30.98 inch 25 inch 27.48 inch
    3XL 31.22 inch 26.5 inch 27.52 inch
    4XL 31.97 inch 27.72 inch 27.99 inch
    5XL 32.76 inch 28.98 inch 28.23 inch