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Daechwita Army Breathable Asymmetrical Running Shoes


How do you deal with post-concert depression? Reminisce old videos? Talk to friends on social media? Does PCD even exist?  🤯 😅

"I don't know how to move on from the concert experience" is how 63% of Armies described their feelings 2 weeks after a BTS concert. Whether you feel persistent feelings of sadness and longing after a concert, or following other life events, researchers have found that exercise is the perfect way to gain motivation to break the vicious cycle.
Add your favourite motivational music to exercise, and science shows you stand a much better chance of improving your mood, smashing your exercise goals, and defeating your PCD
So we designed these Daechwita running shoes to ease the process for you. The shoe design is inspired by the two dragons that sit on his shoulders which symbolize raw, fighting power. Just like dragons worn by the members of the 500-year old, royal Joseon dynasty we wanted these symbols of power to inspire you to face challenges with courage, as a king and a boss in every situation. 
These breathable running shoes aim to respect the traditional, military-intent, Daechwita music genre that Agust-D brings to the global stage. On the other hand, it aims to inspire Army to face problems with a fighting spirit, rather than fear. If you need some motivation to get in shape and ready for outdoor concerts when the world opens back up, you found it.
Not only are these shoes designed to motivate you, but the breathable material also allows sweaty vapor escape during your workouts, preventing the build-up of moisture that can lead to Athlete's foot.

Why you will love these shoes

✅ Breathable mesh fabric that helps your feet breathe and prevents athlete's foot
✅ Premium outsole material that promotes non-slip traction and helps you keep a grip on different surfaces
✅ Visual prompt to inspire you to keep fit
✅ Anti-fade print material - colours remain sharp for years
✅ Stylish and perfect for work out and casual wear


Available Size: US6,US7,US8,US9,US10