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Design Your Own Kpop Earrings Starter Kit (Pre-Order)

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This DIY Kpop earring-making kit helps you design and create 30 - 50 hot K-pop style earrings that you can sell or gift to friends!

In this kit, you will get:

  • Over 200 Kpop-style, hypoallergenic earring pieces and spare parts (designs 30 - 50 earrings)
  • Simple earring-making tools
  • Eco-friendly cute earring display pouches for professional sales and gifting
  • eBook on how to set up your Etsy store (email invitees only)
  • Etsy store worksheet (email invitees only)
  • Marketing images, text, pictures (email invitees only)
  • Surprise free gift by post (email invitees only)
  • How to make money on Etsy video course worth $69.99 (email invitees only)


Make money from your love for Kpop this holiday season 🤑

It is the perfect beginner-friendly starter kit to help you make money out of your passion for Kpop. If you've always wanted to sell or trade K-pop items, this kit pays for itself by selling as little as one-tenth of the contents. Plus you have enough left over for yourself! 

Fast shipping from the USA 📦

Orders start shipping from our US warehouse from October 14th. Please secure your kit as we only have limited stock due to limited warehouse space during the holiday season. 

Never sold online? No problem 🏪

Included are free videos, worksheet, eBook to get you started selling online. This bonus is only available to our e-mail invitees, to reduce marketplace competition and guarantee sales. 


Customer presentation headache? Sorted 🎀

No need to worry about how to present your products to your customers. We've also included cute, eco-friendly, biodegradable jewelry presentation bags that you can use to present your earrings professionally and get great feedback from them!

Total value over $344+

If you only decided to sell 15 customized pairs at $22.99 and wear the left over 10 to 20 pieces yourself, you would turn in a tidy sum of at least $344.85. Not to include the bundled-in extra sales materials worth over $150 in total. 

Some of the styles included