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Stay Gold Positive Affirmation Watch

"I am so pleased and grateful to own one of these amazing watches. Not only does it get me where I should be one time, the positive Stay Gold message is there with me all the time where I can see it and remember to stay positive in these troubled times…it is giving me hope and comfort and is a prized possession. I love it…thank you"


- Lesley. B ✅ Verified Buyer 

It has certainly been a tough year for everyone, with our collective mental health being hit over periods of isolation, job losses, grief, grieving in isolation, loneliness,  lack of support systems, boredom, feelings of helplessness  - the list goes on.

With all this, the mainstream media isn't very comforting. There just aren't many mainstream outlets offering comfort and encouragement, and few artists are using their talents to offer encouragement and positivity to the situation. This is where BTS paves the wayEven before the pandemic,  BTS made it a point to personally reach out to Army through lyrics, words of encouragement, speeches, and the ultimate lesson in just being oneself. 

 When the pandemic came, they took the time to craft and release the catchy hit, Stay Gold. Beneath the surface however, Stay Gold is more than just a catchy hit - it really is a reminder to Stay Gold, and not lose your shine, no matter how dark or unpredictable things get. The catchy chorus,  Stay Goooold 🎶 even helps as a positive affirmation, a technique that psychologists use to dispel negative or unhelpful thoughts

This song really helped Army and we knew it was a message worth preserving  - especially when needed the most. Because it isn't always easy to feel positive and affirmative all the time, so this watch was designed as a  beautiful way to affirm this message to yourself every time you look at the time. Use it to remind yourself that it is time to Stay Gold, and that after the darkness will come beauty and sunshine. 

Why you will love this watch

✅ Feel comforted everywhere with your personal positive message 

✅ Made up from genuine, durable leather that lasts for years

✅ Comes with 1-year manufacturers guarantee

✅ Uniquely yours - not available anywhere online or offline

✅ Ships from the USA and Europe for fast delivery

✅ Comes in a beautiful gift box which can also be used as a storage box


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