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Kawaii Nail Art - Kawaii Bunny & Aesthetic 3D Nail Sticker set


" I like how well-made these stickers are. Vibrant colors that last for weeks.  Great deal and great value for money!" 

- Brenda. K



If you like cute kawaii drawings, you will love these beautiful set of nail stickers, designed to help you express yourself. Each card includes over 20 asymmetric stickers, so you can mix and match them depending on your mood. 

Experts show that surrounding ourselves with things we love can act as positive triggers to encourage more positive emotions and fight negativity.That’s why we love these nail stickers to act as positive triggers for those who draw inspiration from cute kawaii animals. 

Why you will love this set

FIGHT NEGATIVITY: Use the power of psychology to turn your accessories into a positive external trigger whenever you look at your nails. 

PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS: Easy to apply with no complicated instructions required. 

QUICK APPLICATION: Apply in under 15 minutes.  

OWN-PRODUCT FRIENDLY: No need to change from your regular coating (if you have allergies, for example)

ODORLESS AND NON-TOXIC: All components are made from safe, odorless, non-toxic material where possible. 

These self-adhesive stickers don’t need extra glue, making them incredibly convenient and hassle-free to use. 

Whether you're a professional nail artist or an enthusiast creating stunning designs at home, our cute kawaii 3D nail art stickers are the perfect addition to your nail kit. They are easy to apply, ensuring a smooth and seamless finish.

How to use

  1. Clean the surface where you want to place the design, so that it's free from any debris or oils.
  2. Gently peel off your selected design using your nail or tweezers.
  3. Carefully place the sticker on your nail or nail tip, and gently rub it several times to ensure it adheres perfectly.
  4. For long-lasting results, apply a top coat over the sticker to seal and protect your beautiful nail art.

We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we’re willing to back your purchase up with a 30’day risk-free guarantee. We understand that it can be risky buying online, so we want to assure you that you have zero risk shopping with us at HelloSouthKorea. If you ever have any problems, feel free to reach out to us: